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What Is Cefalexin 500?

Cefalexin 500 is an antibiotic medication used for treating airway infections induced by the bacteria in the body. Cefalexin Capsules are an aid in treating multiple bacterial infections, including areas of bones and joints, nose to lungs, skin and reproduction systems, and swelling of the prostate gland. Cefalexin refers to a group of antibiotics known as cephalosporins. Also, this capsule assists in treating dental infections as well. 

Cefalexin 500 is a common antibiotic but is only appropriate to use under the doctor’s prescription. The users must follow only medical advice because Cefalexin can be prescribed to treat various infection ranges. It assists by fighting the pathogenic bacteria in the body and prevents infections from rising in the body. It is not good for the treatment of viral infections, including colds and flu. So users should get in touch with the doctor before taking medicine.

About Cefalexin 500:

Cefalexin is used to improve and cure the symptoms of infections in the different parts of your body, including soft skin tissues, the urinary tract, ears, bones, and joints. Cefalexin is an FDA-approved drug, and its side effects and effectiveness of the medication closely resemble penicillin. This antibiotic belongs to a cephalosporin group which shows its reaction against the bacteria and prevents their growth.

However, it is legitimate to buy this medication only under a doctor’s prescription, and this product is available in various dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, and powders of suspension. The users must be cautious while using Cefalexin 500 as it is not appropriate for the usage of common viral infections like cold and flu. Follow the doctor’s advice and treat accordingly.

Cefalexin 500 Uses:

Some of the uses of the Cefalexin uses are as follows:

  • Cefalexin is an oral antibiotic medication that works against combatting the growth of bacteria and germs in your body.
  • Before the users opt to start using this medication treatment, the patient must go through the attached leaflet, which comes with the medicine package. It assists in knowing all details related to the usage of the Cefalxin tablet.
  • It improves and treats the developing infections in areas like the urinary tract, skin, throat, and ear infections. Also, it is used in treating dental-related issues as well.
  • In some cases, Cefalexin helps treat tonsillitis and pneumonia.
  • But before prescribing Cefalexin 500 to treat any of the ailments, the doctor firstly inspects the patient’s body condition and later determines to treat with Cefalexin or not. Ask the doctor promptly if you have queries regarding the Cefalexin.
  • If the user chooses to use this medicine more often, then this slows down its reaction process when it is most needed.
  • Cefalexin will work effectively and help the user get rid of the infections; its side effects and symptoms of infections such as pain and fever only if followed according to the doctor’s advice and procedure.
  • When you consider using Cefalexin, read the medicinal guidelines properly as this medicine is based on the penicillin drug. So people who have an allergy to penicillin or related antibiotics must avoid using this drug.
  • Do not take the dosage more than the prescribed quantity, and it is not appropriate to use the tablet more often. And do not keep taking medicine for a longer-term than your doctor’s advice.
  • Use the medicine in a proper measure. If it is an oral liquid, then shake well before use. And choose an appropriate medicine measuring cup or spoon for having it.
  • Follow using this medicine for the whole treatment period. Do not halt the usage of doses in between after few doses. Then your infection will not cleanse entirely, and it will return promptly.

How do Cefalexin 500 works?

After the user consumes Cefalexin, it starts to show its reaction by completely combatting the growth of germs or bacteria in the body, giving rise to the infection. It works by keeping the bacteria from forming a cell wall. However, the Cefalexin capsule is incredibly effective in fighting against bacteria like Streptococcus pneumonia, E.coli, and others.

Cefalexin 500 will work effectively only if used to treat bacterial infections as it is an expert in rupturing the bacterial walls and destroying the bacteria that induce infection. Cephalosporin is an antibiotic that belongs to a famous beta-lactam antibiotics classification. It usually proves to be effective in treating bacterial infections in the lower and upper respiratory tract. The users must not opt for this medicine for treating common viral infections like colds or flu.

Cefalexin Dosage:

The dosage strength of the Cefalexin medication differs from person to person. So you should visit their doctor and understand the proper treatment guidelines before using the dosage. If you go through the label attached to the medicine package, you will know the dosage side effects, interactions, and other related information. Then if you have any queries, ask them with the doctor immediately.

After the full assessment of your body condition, the doctor will conclude the dosage for you. The dosage may vary from average to a higher dose based upon the affected infections. So if your doctor asks specifically to follow the particular dosage, do it accordingly. Do not alter the dosage quantities unless you inquired with your doctor to change it under his advice.

 The number of medicine you take depends on the medicine’s strength. Also, it depends on the number of capsules you take each day regularly; the timeline between the doses and the length of your treatment period depends on your medicinal problem for what cause you are using the medicine.

  • For adults: The prescribed dosage for adults is 500 mg every 8 hours. Split the doses into smaller. Furthermore, the doctor will advise you to take 1 to 4gram of doses per day.
  • For elders: Your doctor will instruct you to take normal adult dosage strength if you have kidney or liver problems. 
  • For children: Depending upon the children’s body weight, the doctor will prescribe you the doses. The regular doses are 25 to 50mg. And generally split into smaller amounts, and it is taken every 8-12 hours. If your children use the medicine to treat ear infections, then the prescribed ceflexin capsules are 75-100mg for each kg of their weight. It is advised to keep it away from kids below five years of age.

The intake procedure of Cefalexin 500 medicine will depend on the severity of your infection, and later the appropriate dosage would prescribe for you. Gobble the entire table with a full glass of water. It is taken before or after you have taken the meals. Keep continuing taking medicine even if you felt that you are infections are getting better. Do not halt the medication on your own. It is inappropriate to do because the infection may occur again and get worse. So do not stop unless your doctor advises you to do.

Missed Dose:

If you miss taking the dose, take it as soon as you remember. And therefore, if it is already time for your next scheduled dosage, kindly skip taking the dose and wait for the next regular dosage timeline. Do not double the quantities at any cost, as it will cause serious adverse effects.


If you overdose on Cefalexin, the infection and its side effects will get worse. So it is better to follow the proper prescribed medicinal procedure. And follow the advised dosage strength without altering the quantities. If you sometimes took an overdose, you are asked to visit the local poison center and seek your doctor’s attention immediately.


Before using the Cefalexin 500, these are some following warnings to consider:

  • You must disclose your medical history with your doctor and share all the information if you have already experienced allergic reactions using cephalosporin or related antibiotics. So your doctor will be aware of prescribing you the medication further or not.
  • If you have family health history issues with liver and kidney disease, disclose them with the doctor priorly.
  • If your breastfeeding or going to become pregnant, consuming Cefalexin will be risky for your baby as it will cause harmful effects, and the doctor will advise you not to take the medication.
  • Do not use the same product have a composition as Cefalexin at the same time.
  • If you are consuming Cefalexin for a longer time and do not see any improving results, consult with the doctor as you need different treatments to combat the bacteria in your system.
  • In some cases giving Cefalexin 500 without consulting with your doctor will cause your child to suffer from severe diarrhea. So it is better to check up with the doctor if you sense mild diarrhea symptoms in your child.
  • Discuss the various herbal or vitamin supplements that you are taking at the existent.
  • There is different dosage strength for adults and children. So follow it accurately. Don’t get confused, as it will cause further complications.

Cefalexin Side Effects:

If the user faces any of the below side effects, then visit your doctor immediately.

  • The most common side effect is diarrhea.
  • The rare side effects of experiencing by the users are stomach ache, fever, and chills, peeling of the skin, clay-colored excretion, dark urine, dizziness, and drowsiness, body weakness, and tiredness, severe headache, rashes or itching, sore muscles, joint pain, loss of appetite, sore throat, nausea and vomiting, flushing of the skin, red skin lesions, irritating red eyes, 
  • The occurrence of white spots on the mouth or lips, ulcers, pain in the upper abdomen, blood vomiting, unpleasant breath smell, yellowish skin or eyes
  • Once your body adapts to the medicinal treatment, these symptoms will go away. The side effects symptoms include back or leg pains, bleeding gums, chest pain, coughing up blood, stomach cramps, uneven heartbeat, difficulty breathing, increased thirst, body swelling, pale skin: the bleeding nose, and red spots on the skin, unusual weight loss, watery diarrhea. However, these side effects can go away easily once your body gets used to the treatment or seek help from medical health care to prevent these side effects.
  • In case of this, serious side effects include acid or burning feeling in the stomach, anxiety, dehydration, dry mouth, indigestion, hyperventilation, itching in the genital area, nervousness, swelling on the joints, restlessness, loss of seeing, feeling things, or hearing sensation, sleeplessness, whitish vaginal discharge, pain during sexual activity. These are the serious side effects to consider and once you observe any of these above symptoms, seek your doctor’s attention immediately.


Can you take it every day Cefalexin 500?

More or less, it is advisable to follow the doctor’s prescription and use the tablet according to the directed dosage strength because it will vary from person to person. Also, Cefalexin comes in various forms capsules, tablets, and syrup. Suppose you use the syrup shake well before using it and use the proper measuring spoon or cup while drinking it. And if it is a tablet or capsule, it is an oral medication so consume it whole with a glass of water. After few days, you must feel the improvement with Cefalexin. If not, then visit your doctor before it gets worse.

How Long Does It Take For Cefalexin 500 to work?

Once you start consuming the Ceflexin, it starts to fight against bacteria and kills them. Therefore it is an effective medication where you feel an improving sensation in just 2-3 days of using it. So do not take it for an extended period which your doctor has prescribed. And kindly finish the entire treatment course even you feel the infection has improved better and prevent halting of using the medicine in between before informing your doctor.

Can I buy Cefalexin 500 online without a prescription?

No, it is appropriate to buy Ceflexin without a legal doctor’s prescription as this medication has interactions with other drugs. So it is better to get a legitimate doctor’s prescription while purchasing the medicine from the online medicinal store or the local drug stores. After examining the user’s body condition and current symptoms, some online websites will offer an online prescription and directly send it to the online medicinal pharmacies, making it convenient for them to purchase it.


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